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December 10 Zodiac Birthday Horoscope Personality of calm intensity
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They have a good sense of humor, love to entertain the audience and do it very well. They are large travelers, and this is not unexpected since they belong to the Sagittarius Zodiac sign; they are often changing work environment, they can even unexpectedly leave their jobs, as soon as lose the charms of the newspaper, or when they meet her. How do they succeed in their intentions and work goals? Those who are born on December 10 usually test their possibilities, even if they experience hate and anger from an environment.

In the end, these human beings do not retreat from danger, because they are willing to take risks, in work especially.

December 10 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

The pursuit of independence comes to light when it comes to business, they love to do things in their own way, and they do not like to be bossed around, they prefer to boss others, and they deserve such position since these human beings are known for solving business problems extremely genuinely. Those who belong to December 10 are ruled by the numeral 1 -they want to be first, and they are doing things by their own will, no matter what others say or think about them and their actions. This number symbolically also makes people not to hold to the defined authority, and with the strong affiliations of Jupiter that is a primary ruler of the Sagittarius sign, they fight against everything and everyone, contending even with themselves.

But we must not forget that these humans are sincerely directed at seeking true values and high principles -the symbolical influence from the Sun that can also be found in this date.

Your horoscope for 21-27 Dec

Elections and peace, these two words could accurately describe historical events that took place on December After the abdication, he received the title of Duke of Windsor. This date is marked as Human Rights Day. The next year it became a republic, and with Tanganyika, it created a new state that got the name Tanzania.

In , the army overthrew him in power for the second time. Maybe this list is not very long, but these famous people, are without a doubt those who are guided in their work and their lives by some sort of poetic nature. Just look at their occupations. We will no point out that what we here are people who are involved and independent, cause you probably expect such characteristics from someone who belongs to Sagittarius Zodiac sign. One thing that separates them from others is their poetic nature, it is nor rate case when these people listen to their intuition and succeed in becoming aware, and fascinating in their observations.

They should learn to be wise in love when they see something that they like, and their inner voice says — it is the right thing, they should not be foolish and let that opportunity pass. It is not a waste of time, to keep a certain amount of caution. Above all, these people should not be changed, and every attempt will be disastrous — do not try to stop them and change them, accept them as they are, because in return they give a lot.

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How strong are your relationships? This week is all about nurturing the bonds that matter most as the moon flows through Libra and Scorpio, the Two zodiac signs associated with partnerships. With Mercury retrograde from December 3 to 22, we wouldn't be surprised if communications have been a little, er, strained. The balanced Libra moon gifts us with a sense of fairness and diplomacy on Monday and Tuesday — optimal days to meet for a cup of strong coffee or a dirty martini and talk your way to a compromise. When the Scorpio moon takes the wheel from Wednesday to Friday, sharing secrets will help us all bond.

Have you been keeping your cards too close to your vest? That might be the reason a relationship is spinning its wheels. If trust has been established, then open up the vault. Need to build credit in the loyalty points department? Share something more personal — but not your tabloid-worthy tales — and dare to ask more probing questions of people in conversation. The weekend is ripe for adventure and experimentation as the Sagittarius sun gets in formation with wild child Uranus in Aries.

Your horoscope for Dec

Living it up — and living on the edge — will be a thing under this once-per-year alignment. But heed that Mercury retrograde warning label: If you're going to be a daredevil, please read all the directions and safety precautions first. Some things are best left in the "forever fantasy" category instead of turning them into a reality. Uranus rules activism, so why not be a daring agent of social change? A global cause, like disaster relief or protecting the right to choose could certainly use a signal boost now.

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