Gemini daily horoscope for december 11 2019

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Username E-mail. Gemini Daily Horoscope: December 11, Sign up for our email newsletters. After completing form, you will be contacted to arrange a mutually agreeable time. Click here for the Celebrity Horoscopes Slideshow. Freeing up a space of your own at home will help that dream of completing a study course or setting up a part-time business. Mystery-solving Pluto helps you discover why a house you visit for the first time, looks so familiar.

Giving a friendship time to heal, rather than writing if off, may not be easy, but there is much to achieve together. There is a hot link between love and success and a new romance can start when you compete against each other for a job or a prize. The moon helps you keep your air of mystery to add an extra strand of passion to a long-term relationship. If your priority is finding a sincere partner, then you could first notice each other where work mates celebrate in an Italian restaurant.

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gemini Horoscope

Bonding with others is favored, but so is connecting with your own deeper needs and desires. You are especially observant and quite willing to watch and learn rather than jump into action, and this attitude can benefit you at this time. Also favored now is working on a money-making or business project at a gentle pace.

While you may feel a little blocked or undecided this morning, dear Sagittarius, the day advances in a more flowing way, encouraging healthy, easy interactions. The Moon spends the day in your communications sector, stimulating your curiosity and your need for light and easygoing exchanges. Your generous spirit is stimulated. Relationship repairs are favored if needed. Feedback is good, and this serves to motivate you.

The day feels good and solid, dear Capricorn, save for some indecision in the morning.

Gemini Daily Horoscope

The Moon spends the day in your solar second house, which turns your attention to the here and now. Playing it safe is your emotional orientation now. Comfort and familiarity are driving forces today. Business matters can benefit from a more holistic approach, and good advice that takes into account both practical and emotional factors can come your way.

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  8. Earthy, comforting activities are in favor now. Otherwise, the day plays very much in your favor. The Moon spends the day in your sign and connects with Jupiter in your social sector. Good vibes with a friend are possible and work on a pet project or intellectual pursuit fares well today. You can still make some progress in other areas of life, but you do need small breaks from draining situations to rebuild your emotional stores.

    New insight into old problems can come to you in this state. You may be quite happy working in the background in some manner today. You can enjoy a heightened perception of business-related strategies and trends with you today. Nevertheless, if you get the chance to take a break from doing too much, take advantage. Above are astrological event highlights for the day. Full Horoscopes are at Cafe Astrology. The purple marker above shows where we are in the current moon phase cycle.

    This is generally a good time for social pursuits, group projects, trying something new, joining a group, and networking. A change of pace refreshes. Hobbies, clubs, and groups may demand attention now. It is time to build networks and cooperate. Humanitarian pursuits are highlighted. What we feel and what we think we should do can be at odds with one another temporarily.

    Daily Horoscope |

    There can be discontent or indecisiveness. We could be feeling out of sorts. Tensions will pass. We are a little serious or stiff in self-expression at this time. We are more able to make sacrifices or put our emotions aside in order to get something important done. This can be a good time to commit fully to something — especially health and healing matters. Romantic matters can be unsettled, or we can be a little insecure in our relationships.

    It can be difficult to show restraint. An indulgent, moody time. A great time to take up new feel-good opportunities. Show your confidence and optimism and reap the rewards.

    Gemini Daily Horoscope

    Hurt feelings may be opportunities for healing. Now is the time for building bridges, not burning them. There can be conflicts with loved ones, or we could be feeling unsupported. People could seem insensitive or uncaring, or our own needs seem to be at odds with the needs of family and friends. For some of us, we may bury ourselves in work as a way to avoid other problems now. There can be a tendency to dwell on past problems, and to hypersensitivity about possible rejection.

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    Intense, magnetic, penetrating perception, power to confront. Can be destructive, vengeful, jealous, overly dramatic. Inspiring, broad vision, enthusiastic, goal seeking, truthful, adventurous. Can be reckless, unrestrained, tactless. Humanitarian, innovative, group conscious, progressive, serving others. Can be rebellious, eccentric, aloof, emotionally superficial, overly extroverted. Compassionate, sensitive, self-sacrificing, gentle, intuitive.