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Shouldering a large burden? The more big picture you see, the more power moves you can act on. Rise above small tussles like that and focus on what really counts. Things may work themselves out in a day or so. And avoid Tweeting your displeasure on social media—you have a lot better things to do than yell at customer service today.

Sagittarius Decans

Remember that every year contains both expectation and loss. The more you anticipate and embrace that, the better. Creativity can help you escape. Sneak off to the movies, have a solo Netflix binge under the covers, or curl up with a hardcover.

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Manage your newsletters To manage your subscriptions, please type in your email below. People born on December 18th are creative individuals.

Horoscope for Today: Wednesday, 9 October

They love anything that is related to art. People born on this day are also amiable and courteous. These traits are just among the many characteristics that draw people to them. People born on December 18th love to live a colorful life. They are quite adventurous just like a true Sagittarius. You focus more on the people around you that you forget to put yourself forward. People often take advantage of that kindness and sidestep you. Your biggest personality drawback is your tendency to become so confident in the capabilities that you end up letting people use you, seriously.

You might be so comfortable in the fact that you can make things happen that people who are just in it for the ride hang on to you. You just focus on the results and the fact that your team is winning.

Birthday Horoscope December 18th Sagittarius, Persanal Horoscope for Birthdate December

Keep in mind that in any kind of system, if there are too many parasites, that system will eventually blow apart. After all, you can only put in so much work.

Sagittarius-Capricorn ~Cusp of Prophecy~ December 18-24

You can only perform to such a high level until eventually, things will start to fall apart. If you were born on December 18th, your element is Fire. Fire provides heat and light and is vital for any living thing to grow.

Venus enters Sagittarius

The fire also inspires people to be inspirational and charming. This is why Fire-influenced people find it easy to communicate with others. People born on December 18th are influenced by the planet Jupiter. Jupiter is the planet of wisdom and knowledge. You should avoid: Being too kind and trusting to other people. Remember that not everyone you meet has the best of intentions.

White is the color of purity and innocence.

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

It also influences the need for simplicity in your life. The boldest among us are often not strangers to plenty of vivid dreams when they rest their heads at night. The Sagittarius soul born on 18th December is no exception to that rule — our quick mind is always blazing a new trail, and sleep does little to slow its course. Of course, ever the ideas person that you are, you likely already know how many ideas can be spurred on by dreams.